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CGH Thor 19.jpg

CGH Thor 19

CGH Thor 19 resided with us for 2 years before being sold to a farm in North Dakota. We had limited space and ability to run two separate dedicated pastures year round and needed to keep him separate from younger females so opted to let him go on to another farm in need of a good herd sire. 

Thor produces very consistent calves thanks to his ancestry. Breeders before me knew what they were doing. Thor is the outcome of strategic line breeding that has resulted in him having a 30x genetic link to Calum Seoladair of Smaull, a Scottish bull that was said to have been Thomas E. Nelson from the well respected Achnacloich fold's favorite bull and having used Calum for 17 years. 

Thankfully, I had Thor's semen collected at Hawkeye Breeders in Adel, Iowa for my own future use and for sale.

cgh thor 19 at 5 months.jpg

CGH Thor 19 at 5 months old

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