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HMC Hailee

I won't mince words and I won't be diplomatic - this is my favorite cow. She doesn't have to be perfect to have secured her spot in my pastures. She is my first ever cow and is Brent's ace in the pocket for bargaining power with me. I suggest moving to Scotland and he says he knows I won't leave Aurora. 

Aurora is compact, powerful, and beefy thanks to the genetics of Skye High Wayward Son and Sunset Limited Edition. She is almost a carbon copy (other than color) of her dam, LEA Maleficent. She is an efficient at making energy from hay year round (although she does enjoy her cattle cubes, grain, apples, sweet potatoes...) as evidenced by her round, robust barrel-like middle. I hope my doting on her didn't cause her big head. With her first calf she gave us QSH Samson, quite possibly our next herd sire. 

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