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For Sale

Because of our limited land, we have to be extremely selective about which animals stay and which ones we offer for sale. We naturally love and enjoy each one of our animals for their unique personalities and features that they add to the farm making it difficult to decide which animals should stay.  

2023 Bull Calves

 We have too much testosterone on the farm. 


Kenny (red, 6/6/23): SM Epic’s Honey Bee (60,721) x DH Premier (56,240). Excellent structure, very suitable as potential herd sire. I am now working with his original breeder, Four T Acres, to get him registered! 


Sold to Wisconsin
QSH Amina (AHCA 65,963)

QSH Amina is a petite heifer that we had originally planned to retain for our breeding program. Born on 07/25/22, she has always been small. Brent even questioned whether she was polled because we couldn't feel her buttons for quite some time. I assured him it was not possible. She is product of Snowland Hilja (65,963) x CGH Thor 19 (60,110). Size wise, she will not be ready to breed at 2 for a first calf at three. She is also half sibling to our future herd sire so we have decided to part with her. It would be essential that any future breeding be to a confirmed low birth weight bull. She is quiet and social.


She does have one horn that was seemingly damaged at a very young age so they are not entirely symmetrical. First set of photos taken spring/summer 2023 (~12 months old). Second set of photos taken 03/02/2024 (20 months old).

I struggle to get a starting price point on her because of her size and knowing she wouldn't be ready for breeding for 6-12 months yet. So, I'm starting at $8,000 and will adjust accordingly. I have severalpeople on a notification list if I come down.


Sold to Michigan
Merlin the Magician

SFF Merlin the Magician (PV, D) (59,166) came to Iowa from Vermont in the spring of 2023 as a cooperative co-ownership between Quarter Section Run and Mud Ridge Ranch (Red Oak, Iowa) to bring new and excellent genetics to the midwest. He sports family members from notable farms such as Star Lake, Trafalgar, EZ Acres, and Australian farms of Bairnsley and Cruachan. He came to us halter trained and very motivated to do his work. 


I've learned bigger isn't always better and the camera can skew my size estimates. Merlin is a BIG boy and unfortunately not all of my ladies will easily stand for him. With a small fold, it is essential that our females breed back efficiently so we have decided to offer Merlin to a fold with larger framed females. 

He has been a relatively easy keeper minus the fence that was in his way when a female was in heat on the other side. He respects a hot line and pouts if he's swatted on the nose when getting a little too eager for treats. It's always essential to respect all cattle, particularly bulls; however, I have not had any concerns with his temperament.  $5500

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