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Snowland Hilja

Snowland Hilja quickly stole Brent's heart and secured her place here at Quarter Section Run. She has a good udder and nice hip spread to make for calving ease. She has a great temperament and is one of the most trusted cows on the acreage. She enjoys her people and is always second in line (behind Momma) for human attention and will occasionally "chase" me in the pasture if I'm holding a brush. Her docile personality is such that she is easy to work with in the chute and has sought us when she's come untied on halter. She and CGH Thor 19 produced a spitfire of a calf, QSH Amina, that we are excited to see develop.

Genetically she has backing from LEA White, Cobblestone Farm, Schon Boden, and We Tired

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