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RW Buttercup

The name Buttercup just doesn't fit this matriarch so we call her Momma. Momma is a tank, and a confident tank at that. She's the boss and she knows it. She is short and compact but square on her legs, a wide rear, and enough girth to house her precious cargo. Her first calf on our farm came out backwards but without problem - a calving presentation that often does not turn out well for the calf. She is a ferociously dedicated mother but trusting of us to work with her calves without issue. She maintains her body condition through the winter on grass hay and just a snack of grain each evening simply because they like it.  She is certainly not the classiest lady - her head and back are always covered in hay for which she is first in line for brushing to spruce herself up a bit.

Her second calf here at the acreage, QSH Rosa, made us regret pre-selling her. QSH Rosa grew into a fine heifer that we'd welcome back on the farm any day. 

Genetically, she has some line breeding back to Ben Eniglar of Scone Palace (15,745) who was said to be "the finest bull we have ever seen" by Dan Flynn of Dirtane Farm. 

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